About me / The North Capital

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About me / The North Capital

Stephan Lugbauer

With a text by Lina Leonore Morawetz and a talk between Ines Kleesattel and Stephan Lugbauer

German/English, 78 pages, illustrations in colour, 12 x 17 cm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-902833-43-3

€ 09,00 [A]

€ 08,60 [D]

Austrian video artist and filmmaker Stephan Lugbauer presents two of his projects, set in two different venues. A dialogue about the past with Axel Huber takes place at the facilities of the Freud-house in Vienna. Beijing offers a glimpse into the near future with Chinese artists and amateur actors: a world where artists lead questionable lives. The book provides information on the films, an essay by Lina Leonore Morawetz and a very precise conversation between Stephan Lugbauer and Ines Kleesattel about the overpowering of the artist in the Post-Fordism and the last possible ways to retreat. “Maybe this utopia is nothing other than dust”