Christina Zurfluh

Texts by Gabriela Gantenbein, Roman Grabner, Manisha Jothady, Herlinde Pauer-Studer, Martin Prinzhorn, Sibylle Omlin, Alexandra Reininghaus, Margareta Sandhofer, Angela Stief and a conversation between Walter Mayer and Christina Zurfluh

German/English, 240 pages, 24 × 31 cm, numerous images in color, hardcover/thread-stitched / Graphic design: Veronika Illmer

September 2022


€ 36,00 [A]

€ 35,00 [D]

Since the beginning of her artistic career, Christina Zurfluh has focused on abstract painting. Her abstractions are not based on the reduction of representationalism, but arise in a symbiosis of calculation and intuition. The work process varies between spontaneous gesture and concept, whereby her attention is directed to the specificity of the materials and the inherent life of the colorants. Over all these years, the artist has consistently photographed the lengthy working processes and thus recorded them in documentary form. The pictures show the gradual development of the works and thus make their creation comprehensible and traceable up to the final appearance. Zurfluh's photographs of her works are complemented by texts by art critics and curators, who illuminate the entire oeuvre from different perspectives. The catalog offers a comprehensive insight into the artist's work processes and exhibition activities and includes an index of her works from the last 20 years.

Christina Zurfluh lives as a freelance artist in Vienna and Zurich.