Literarische Paralleltexte, Gespräche und Aufsätze zu Konzepten, Werken und Interventionen der Künstlerin 2009–2021

Gertrude Moser-Wagner

Texts by Lucas Cejpek, Gerhard Jaschke, Milica Lapčević, Monika Mokre, Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Nina Schedlmayer, and Sara Ventroni

German/English/Italian/Serbian, 104 pages, 24 × 28 cm, numerous color and b/w illustrations, softcover

October 2021

ISBN 978-3-903172-83-8

€ 23,00 [A]

€ 22,40 [D]

This archivally based volume collects Gertrude Moser-Wagner’s most important projects and works from the past decade. The way the project artist and sculptor conceives a work is directed toward the outside world—to places, roads, cities, but also nature and animals—and has a research slant. Words and found objects have always been an inquisitive part of this kind of sculpting: action, the concrete extraction of something from everything. Concepts of aliveness. The open-air studio is often a place of study, allowing the artist to be foreign and to travel. Mobile, relational structures are generated in media and materials. Gestures in space created using that which is at hand.

Many of Moser-Wagner’s recent projects are committed to future processes. Her conceptual method is poetically political. The artist attempts to offer a survey in forging a balance that does not exist in physics—comparable to Planet Earth, where everything stands or sways and is in a state of constant renewal. Stealthily, resistant life on the ground permeates this art and becomes a critique of the extant. Such projects are often carried out in a participatory way.