Betonblumen 003

Betonblumen 003


Weh/Neufeld, Betonblumen #3

Germ./Engl., 19 p., numerous color images., 13 x 18 cm, staple binding


ISBN 978-3-85160-148-0

€ 5,00 [A]

€ 4,90 [D]

In his paintings Christian Krämer (*1975, Karlsruhe) alias DOME sees behind the curtain made of clothes, status symbols and masks which people create to protect themselves, as matter of vanity or assimilation. Underneath the folkloristic and colourful patterned bunches of clothes and headdresses the artist is showing fragile and fleshly beings who seem to be exhausted and marked by life. The slender limbs of the delicate, pink characters remind of the frail legs of an insect or marionettes with filament. They interact in distance to each other, rest in melancholic meditation or play music lonely in the penurious landscapes of drought trees and single flying birds where they are situated.

Special edition of 100, signed and numbered, available (EUR 25,00)