Betonblumen 004

Betonblumen 004


Weh/Neufeld, Betonblumen #4

Germ./Engl., 19 p., numerous color images., 13 x 18 cm, staple binding


ISBN 978-3-85160-149-7

€ 5,00 [A]

€ 4,90 [D]

Kryot is working spontaneously and in direct reaction to each concrete site - he doesn't use sketches or preconceives concepts of images to transfer them outdoors what seems unnecessary or rather unnatural to him, as a concrete location always feeds him with enough ideas and inspiration to develop a motive during painting. His rather simple and sometimes small interventions at uncanny, abandoned or obscure places, at entrances, crossovers or intersections besides the typical 'Halls of Fame' are thus signified by their site-specific and individual character.

Special Edition of 100, signed and numbered, avaliable (EUR 25,00)