Betonblumen 009

Betonblumen 009

Permanent Unit

Weh/Neufeld, Betonblumen #9

Germ./Engl., 19 p., numerous color images., 13 x 18 cm, staple binding


ISBN 978-3-85160-174-9

€ 5,00 [A]

€ 4,90 [D]

The collective Permanent-Unit based in Graz was founded byGeorg Dinstl, Oliver Toman, Simon Lemmerer und Josef Wurm in June 2007. Each member brings in different techniques and attitudes wich leads to a collagelike style. Permanent-Unit acts as a company with the divisions graphic design agency and workshop. They also take part in urban art competitions and organize the annual street arts festival "Ink On Your Floor" in the local arts centre Forum Stadtpark.

Special edition of 100, signed and numbered, available (EUR 25,00)