bretterbauer objects

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bretterbauer objects

Gilbert Bretterbauer

With contributions by Patricia Grzonka, Adolf Krischanitz, Herbert Lachmayer, Carola Platzek, Thomas Raab and a preface by Vitus Weh

German / English, 188 pages, numerous illustrations in colour, 27 x 21 cm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-902833-64-8

€ 24,00 [A]

€ 23,30 [D]

The artist's book bretterbauer objects focusses on the wide spectrum of the artwork of Gilbert Bretterbauer through the means of generous illustrations as well as through art theoretical texts: bretterbauer objects are carpets, seating furniture, lamps, through which Bretterbauer unites the central aspects of his art: Space – Color – Abstraction.

A carpet crafted by Bretterbauer is not to simply be understood as a decoration to it's exhibition room but gains a threedimensional presence through it's intense coloring and sensual material. Thus Bretterbauers creations do not only prove to be sucessful in their spatial function but also claim objectivity. bretterbauer objects are not only a matter of aesthetic contemplation but provide a tactile experience of the object. Furthermore Bretterbauers commissioned works, that connect his work to architecture, are elaborately illustrated to confute the finally obsolete polarisation of fine arts and art handicraft.