From Somewhere in the Mediterranean

Edited by Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout

English/Div., 224 pages, 18 × 23.5 cm, numerous illustrations in color, softcover

May 2020

ISBN 978-3-903172-50-0

€ 24,00 [A]

€ 23,30 [D]

Texts by Salah Badis, Juan Canela, Najwa Binshatwan, Valérie Cachard, Antoine Cassar, Anat Einhar, Wagdy El-Komy, Laura Ferrero, Anja Golob, Soukaina Habiballah, Jazra Khaleed, Arian Leka, Mazen Maarouf, Senka Marić, Marwa Melhem, Efe Murad, Nora Nadjarian, Kamel Riahi, M. G. Sanchez, Olja Savičević-Ivančević, Igiaba Scego, Dragana Tripković, Thomas Vinau

Bringing together different voices from all the countries along the Mediterranean basin, the authors in this book were invited to write about the light in their specific location. Subjective commentary, poetic descriptions, and abstract reflections were all welcome. The result is a coming-together that transcends borders, a symphony of testimonies that provides opportunities for reading in a shared space that goes beyond what we have grown accustomed to and, like a ray of sunlight cutting through the air, reminds us we all live under the same sun.

Albania ~ Algeria ~ Bosnia and Herzegovina ~ Croatia ~ Cyprus ~ Egypt ~ France ~ Gibraltar ~ Greece ~ Italy ~ Israel ~ Lebanon ~ Libya ~ Malta ~ Montenegro ~ Morocco ~ Palestine ~ Slovenia ~ Spain ~ Syria ~ Tunisia ~ Turkey