Decomposition <=> Reconstitution

Decomposition <=> Reconstitution

Berlin 1918: Anti-Capitalism, Avant-Garde Art, Atonal Music

Clegg & Guttmann

Ed. Galerie Christian Nagel Cologne/Berlin. With an interview with Diedrich Diederichsen.

64 pages, illustrations in colour, German / Englisch, 24 cm x 17 cm, Broschure


ISBN 3-85160-029-0

€ 18,50 [A]

€ 18,00 [D]


Clegg & Guttmann create a new map for the city of Berlin: They design new districts and invent new street names, that they paste over the old street signs. Documented with photographs they produce collage-sculptures of that protagonists of aesthetical and political avandgarde as a demonstration of their theorem of the visible joint.