Der Ficker

Der Ficker

No. 1

Benedikt Ledebur

With contributions by Michael Clegg, Martin Guttmann, Martin Kippenberger, Benedikt Ledebur, Albert Oehlen, Rudolf Polansky, Franz West, Peter Cole, Georg Trakl

210 pages, 32 colour illustrations, German / English, 230 x 150 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-050-9

€ 25,50 [A]

€ 24,80 [D]

The publication is a resumption, on Franz West's initiative, of the renowned "Brenner" - a journal published in Innsbruck by Ludwig von Ficker. The circle that associated with this journal also included Georg Trakl and Ludwig Wittgenstein. The text and image contributions of artists and authors and the interviews that the Austrian writer Benedikt Ledebur conducted with them all revolve around linguistic and philosophical-historical themes, reflecting the approaches used by the artists involved and developing a modernist aesthetic with the conceptuality of collage - all of this in keeping with the tradition of the "Brenner", but also of the Dadaists and the Vienna Group.