Die Architektur der Dong

Edition_Klaus Zwerger
Die Architektur der Dong

Klaus Zwerger

31 x 40 cm

Fine Art Prints


€ 1200,00 [A]

Edition: 20, 12 photographies per edition, signed und numbered

After Klaus Zwerger's book Die Architektur der Dong (published in the series of Pálffy Editions by Schlebrügge.Editor) gained academic recognition, this limited edition applies itself to represent a selection of his best and most expressive photographies in order to commemorate the buliding culture of the Dong.

The photographies convey Klaus Zwerger's intensity and sensitivity regarding the lifestyle of this over the centuries autochthonal community, while they seek to to document and understand the technical wealth, knowledge and skills of their traditional architecture. Through his excact perception Zwerger accomplishes to unite representations of climatic and geographical conditions, as well as cultural and religious standards. As close as the bulidings and designed landscapes of this culture are to our present, as painful must be the awareness of their irrevocable destruction.