Part 1

Christian Eisenberger

with texts by Christian Eisenberger

German, 496 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, numerous illustrations, hardcover



€ 35,00 [A]

€ 34,00 [D]

Christian Eisenberger (born 1978) is an Austrian artist whose work oscillates in the tension between the artistic recycling of trash in the manner of Arte Povera and the exploration of performing practices using the artist’s body in public space (in the tradition of Mike Kelley, Valie Export, Rudolf Schwarzkogler). In the style of Appropriation Art Eisenberger’s work is verging on the limits of taste and is excessively breaking the rules of the art market. The artist builds ephemeral installations and fragile sculptures, using fire and ice and works himself into the ground as a proliferating producer of images whose oeuvre consists of thousands of paintings and drawings.

This collection of Eisenberger’s sketches, designs and reflections addresses issues of destruction and endangering, self-exposure and form finding, creation and death. Eisenberger’s oeuvre is well renowned far beyond Austria’s borders.