Durch 11

Durch 11

Jahreszeitschrift Grazer Kunstverein

P. Pakesch/S. Tax

No. 11: History of the Grazer Kunstverein 1986-1993

138 pages, 78 illustrations, texts in German, Italien and English, Paperback


ISBN 3-902129-02-6

€ 15,40 [A]

€ 15,00 [D]

The history of the Grazer Kunstverein from 1986-1993 forms the framework for DURCH 11. During the first years since the foundation Peter Pakesch and Elisababeth Printschitz have given an outstanding profile to the Grazer Kunstverein through magnificent exhibitions of contemporary art and also through the publication of DURCH. DURCH 11 is a collection of texts, drawings and photos as well as some works especially designed for this book by artists, literaries and theorists, who have considerably shaped the program throughout these years. Thomas Bayrle, Larry Clark, Helmut Draxler, Günther Förg, Christine Frisinghelli, Elfriede Jelinek, Ilya Kabakov, Greil Marcus, Elisabeth Schlebrügge, Jörg Schlick, Michael Schuster, Otto Zitko und Heimo Zobernig, are only some of the many who have made a contribution to this publication which has been arranged in memory of Elisabeth Printschitz, who died too early in the year 1993.