Five Unserious Ladies. Fünf Portraits

Five Unserious Ladies. Fünf Portraits

Katherine Mansfield, Hilda Doolittle, Jean Rhys, Djuna Barnes, Dorothy Parker

Alice Villon-Lechner

72 pages, 6 illustrations b/w, German, 220 x 150 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-001-0

€ 10,10 [A]

€ 9,80 [D]

With literary portraits of the Zurich-based writer Alice Villon-Lechner we introduce the 2nd volume of a series of essays. The "Parables of a failed life, which was at least successful regarding the arts"  (U. Weinzierl) present the following authors: Djuna Barnes, Hilda Doolittle, Katherine Mansfield, Dorothy Parker und Jean Rhys.