Fragments of Reality

Fragments of Reality

Angelika Krinzinger

With texts by Severin Dünser, Eva Ebersberger, Steven Guermeur, Maik Hausenblas, Ruth Horak and Peter Weiermair

64 pages, numerous colour illustrations, German / English, 148 x 210 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-058-4

€ 14,40 [A]

€ 14,00 [D]

The photographic works by the Austrian artist Angelika Krinzinger evoke examples of 19th century systematic and scientific photography. Seen from very close up, the skin surfaces, mouths, nipples, eyes, etc. are shot so that they light up like untouchable, highly vulnerable natural phenomena in all their amazing beauty. The artist has added these detailed body shots to fragmented portraits that refer less to specific individuals than to the constitution of the human body - primarily in socially determined sense.