futuresystems: rare momente

futuresystems: rare momente

Maia Damianovic

With texts by: Richard Cork, Maia Damianovic, Clifford A. Pickover, Stella Rollig, Monika Schwärzler

German/English, 77 p., 20,5 x 26 cm, numerous colour-illustrations, paperback



€ 21,80 [A]

€ 21,20 [A]

Orchestrated by creative coordinator Maia Damianovic, installations by seven international astists have been set up as a parcours of amazing potentialities, where ruling conditions can be seen and thought of differently from their everyday manifestations. futuresystems : rare moments – these two terms embrace a broad span. Dreaming the future in the present – how do we want to live, and how do we get to the New, to Alternatives? How could we move more freely there, in a field of open relations? Could this be achieved in the rare and precious moments, which flash up in encounters with (these) artworks? (Stella Rollig, Lentos)

Maia Damianovic and Andy Robinson are soon to start a futuresystems NGO based in the UK that will act as a creative development and delivery agency for ongoing futuresystems projects. A limited number of projects are being planned for a futuresystems: realities series in Birmingham, Belgrade, Bratislava, Iasi, Prague and Vienna.