hin und her

Kienzer_hin und her
hin und her

Michael Kienzer

With contributions by Christian Denker, Christophe Domino, Astrid Kury, Cornelia Offergeld, Peter Pakesch, Gustav Schörghofer, Doris Wallnöfer

Ger./Eng./Fr., 128 p., 21 x 28 mm, numerous colour-illustrations, softcover


ISBN 978-3-85160-128-2

€ 19,80 [A]

€ 19,30 [D]

Kienzer's world is a world of things and their order as well as their semantic examination. His gaze is pragmatic and it investigates false bottoms and identifies back doors, whether he uses them or not. If the intervention succeeds the context is shifted, an interaction of meanings coming about, if the architectural or institutional frame becomes a false bottom a new system emerges at the moment we observe.

(Peter Pakesch)