The Jonny Hawaii Orchester

The Jonny Hawaii Orchester

Albert Mayr

Edited by Elisabeth Fiedler.

Engl./German, 118 p., numerous col. illustrations, 16,5 x 23 cm, Softcover


ISBN 978-3-85160-192-3

€ 18,00 [A]

€ 17,50 [D]

out of print

Using litter and disposables, Albert Mayr alias Jonny Hawaii creates, in his installation-like work situations – a mix of “office, stage, garden, nature and garbage dump” (Albert Mayr) – interactive performance-sculptures, which he then uses as interfaces for his electronic and electroacoustic music. His Orchester – as an open system of performative possibilities – is a site for the interplay of different sculptures, installations and musicians. Mayr confronts his roots in dada with the idea of networking as a communication model for political activists and organizational structures.
The catalog was published on occasion of his exhibition Albert Mayr. The Jonny Hawaii Orchester at the Künstlerhaus Graz.