L.A. Women

L.A. Women

Eva Schlegel

Texts by Marie-Therese Harnoncourt, Brigitte Huck, Andrea Lenardin Madden, Markus Mittringer, Peter Noever, and Annette Südbeck.

168 pages, numerous colour illustrations, German / English, 370 x 260 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-039-8

€ 39,10 [A]

€ 38,00 [D]

"L.A. Women" portrays a certain scene. During her six-month stay in Los Angeles Eva Schlegel photographed some 40 artists and architects, documenting their studios, collaborators, manuscripts, drawings, models and working processes. The resulting image presents a scene in which an entire generation of artists and architects "live and work" in Los Angeles. A bio-bibliographical appendix will give insight into a dense personal network comprising universities, museums, offices, galleries, etc. which forms the backdrop of this center of artistic and creative productivity.