Lumen Zine Issue 11: Iris Andraschek

Lumen Zine Issue 11: Iris Andraschek

Magazine of the Star Passage / MQ Wien

edited by Sabine Jelinek

Texts by Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Christian Köberl / Graphic design: Stefan Biedermann

German / English, 24 pages, 13 × 18 cm, numerous color illustrations, staple binding

Spring 2024


€ 8,00 [A]

€ 7,80 [D]

These are magical, enraptured moents in which Iris Andraschek photographs a girl called Mara. They’re playing. The artist with her camera, the girl with her own epressions. They’re playing with each other, experimenting. The artist with filters, double exposures, bachlight. The girl with paint on her face, much like warpaint (and hearts on her chest), with gestures and mimicry.
(Verena Kaspar-Eisert)

In its capacity as a micromuseum, Sternenpassage highlights artists whose work broadly relates to photography. Artists are commissioned to create pieces specially for the passage. Lumen Zine is a miniature catalogue supplementing exhibitions at Sternenpassage.