Marlies Pöschl

Marlies Pöschl


Edited by Marlies Pöschl and Salzburger Kunstverein

Texts by Anne Faucheret, Marlies Pöschl and Céline Poulin and a conversation between Sabeth Buchmann and Marlies Pöschl. Foreword by Séamus Kealy

German/English, 120 pages, 17 × 24 cm, numerous color illustrations, softcover

February 2021

ISBN 978-3-903172-72-2

€ 19,80 [A]

€ 19,30 [D]

Les Maintenants is the name of a fictitious company in Marlies Pöschl’s film Aurore—a company founded by children and teenagers that investigates the automation of emotions. In its literal translation, the term Les Maintenants invents the plural of “now” (French: maintenant)—an ever-repeating, eternal present. Care, presence, proximity and collectiveness in a technologizing society are constant themes in Pöschl’s recent works. This book contextualizes her series Pepper Perceval (2017–2020) with earlier works. Les Maintenants collects not only theoretical texts on collective art production, feminist materialism, and science fiction, but also explores the idea of scores, which is to say scripts for time-based or performative pieces.