The Meeting

the meeting
The Meeting

On the Life and Work of Karl Spörk.

Nick Kline

With texts by Fran Bartkowski, Nick Kline, Andreas Stadler and Annette Südbeck

English, 56 pages, numerous illustrations in colour, 13 x 21 cm


ISBN 978-3-902833-34-1

€ 14,80 [A]

€ 14,40 [D]

“The Meeting” was a group exhibition in NYC in 2011 reflecting on the life and work of Viennese artist Karl Spörk (1968-2010). Spörk’s work is so contemporary in its precise minimal gesture, its lightness, absurdity and layered shiftng frames of reference. Themes of seeking approval, conversations and confrontations with art and cultural history, the fluidity of identity, the struggle to stay connected to self and of being isolated from the other, all run through Spörk’s oeuvre.