Nach Kippenberger

Nach Kippenberger
Nach Kippenberger

Eva Meyer-Hermann/Susanne Neuburger

Ed. by mumok, Wien. Introduction: Eva Meyer-Hermann; with texts by Diedrich Diederichsen, Lucy McKenzie, Martin Prinzhorn etc.

128 pages, numerous colour illustrations, German / English, 240 x 180 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-028-2

out of print

The catalogue book contains essays, which pave the way for a new understanding of Kippenberger's work for an audience from the generation after Kippenberger. The importance of this book is accentuated by the picture material from the artist's estate with many previously unpublished photographs from Kippenberger's life and work. It has been designed by Hans Weigand, a fellow artist and friend.