o.t. teppich

o.t. teppich

Gilbert Bretterbauer

360 pages, German, 230 x 165 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-033-9

€ 26,70 [A]

€ 26,00 [D]

In a large-scale writing project, the Austrian artist Gilbert Bretterbauer has translated his detailed notes accumulated over a period of many years to extensive yet densely woven texts. Based on material taken directly from his life and work between Vienna and Los Angeles. In the art scenes and alternative worlds of both cities, he attempts to closely interweave the intimate and superficial, perception and reflection. The goal is an unfettered compositional movement of language transcending the autobiographic contingency. By constantly changing back and forth between temporal levels between past and present, between recollection, observation and desire, Bretterbauer succeeds in creating new links between his subject-matter, places, individual and projects and keeping them alive. Proceeding from a thematic focus and a number of interpreted episodes, he creates a textual structure that is governed by its own laws, adding a dense, signifying grid to everyday life. The author sees the book as the result of a project encompassing his entire life and work as an artist. For him it stands on equal footing with his pictorial and spatial work techniques.