Personal Installations

Personal Installations

Manfred Grübl

Texts by Nina Schedlmeyr, Rainer Fuchs, Anton Zeilinger

120 pages, numerous illustrations, German / English, 130 x 200 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-035-5

€ 20,40 [A]

€ 19,80 [D]

Manfred Grübl's "Person-al Installations" are acts of sabotage. He attaches himself parasitically to a public event and then subverts that event from the inside out. In his work there are no explanatory texts, commentary or labels that define the title, artist or intention--predictable markers of an institutional setting of art that needs to be explained to the public. The book documents Grübl's interventions at the Saatchi Gallery, Lincoln Center, the New National Gallery of Berlin and the Vienna Secession..