PETER NOEVER _ 2nd ext. ed.

PETER NOEVER _ 2nd ext. ed.

out‾of the blue. Art + Architecture Out There / 2nd extended edition


With contributions by S. Bugaev Afrika, M. Leschelier, M. Mack, M. Mittringer, P. Noever, R. M. Schindler, M. Sorkin, N. Six & P. Petritsch, W. Pichler, B. Rudofsky, B. Tobler, and an interview between K.-J. Bauer and P. Noever

English, Interview German/English, 136 pages, 17 × 24 cm, numerous color and b/w illustrations, softcover

June 2022

ISBN 978-3-903172-93-7

€ 23,00 [A]

€ 22,40 [D]

$ 26,99 [USA]

Die Grube / The Pit is a rigorously conceived and generously realized Land Art project near Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, which exhibition maker and designer Peter Noever founded in an abandoned quarry in the early 1970s and has since developed as a work in progress. The monumental, multi-articulated “park” site, in which the designed landscape and built architecture follow elemental geometric forms, is an enigmatic, archaic-looking place that overwhelms the visitor.

In addition to a series of artistsʼ interventions such as those by Walter Pichler and Six & Petritsch, outstanding figures of the art and cultural scene such as Bernard Rudofsky, Carlo Scarpa, James Turrell and Achille Castiglioni have likewise dealt with Noeverʼs intervention in the Pannonian quarry landscape.
In this book, the provocative, indefatigable initiator and director emeritus of the MAK (Vienna / Los Angeles) reveals his intentions toward art and architecture in an in-depth conversation. In addition to a comprehensive inventory of this Land art project with previously unpublished drawings, photos, and documents, future projects are illuminated, scenarios designed to infinity.

The book out‾of the blue – Art + Architecture Out There provides a first opportunity to discover Peter Noever’s extensive oeuvre in Breitenbrunn, Austria.

Peter Noever lives and works in Vienna. Studio no/ever design, Vienna. Founder of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles (1994) and the Josef Hoffmann Museum in Brtnice, Czech Republic (2006). CEO and Artistic Director, MAK, 1986–2011. Upcoming exhibitions (2022): Obsessions in_Focus, Cooper Union, New York; KANEKO, Omaha, Nebraska.