Sofa – Polnische Sofafahrten

Sofa – Polnische Sofafahrten

Josef Trattner

with contributions by Wojciech Boros (Gdansk), Kazimierz Brakoniecki (Olsztyn), Dariusz Bugalski (Łódź), Zbigniew Kruszyński (Wrocław), Daniel Odija (Słupsk), Tomasz Różycki (Opole), Sławomir Shuty (Krakow), Filip Springer (Poznań),Adam Wiedemann (Warsaw)

Polish/German/English, 232 pages, numerous illustrations in colour, 21 x 28 cm, softcover



€ 32,00 [A]

€ 31,10 [D]

For ten years Josef Trattner has been travelling with his readily transportable foam rubber sofas he designed himself through Europe. 2013 his Sofa Journey took him to Poland: Internationally renowned authors as well as young writers, journalists, musicians and photographers, who were rarely known outside of Poland, took a seat on Trattner’s sofa. Thus fine arts communicated with literature, the known with the (literary) new. By constantly changing the sofa’s position in public space, Trattner’s dialogue partners became visitors in their own home town.

Trattner’s Sofa Journeys open up new perspectives for both the artist and the authors and blur the line between public space and privacy. The sedentary piece of seating, carried by the artist and the authors, becomes a metaphor of their existence. The published texts are in part inspired by the conversation with Josef Trattner or are just as well autonomous thoughts, fictions or dreams.