The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Soul Source Records & Bearbeitungen

Uwe Bressnik

German, 104 pp., 31 × 31 cm, numerous color illustrations, softcover in gatefold cover

June 2018

ISBN 978-3-903172-22-7

€ 38,00 [A]

€ 37,00 [D]

Updated and Expanded New Edition of the Austrian-German 2018 Classic:
ISBN 978-3-903172-89-0 (Special English Edition)

Nouvelle édition mise à jour et augmentée du classique autrichien-allemand de 2018:
ISBN 978-3-903172-90-6 (Éditon Spéciale en Francais)

Double albums are generally regarded as a prestigious enterprise in the music industry: A band is big, brave, and famous enough to press their latest music on two vinyl records. No less ambitious is Uwe Bressnik's double album: While it doesn't contain any polyvinylchloride, it delves all the more deeply into the record grooves and their aesthetics. Instead of two vinyl discs, we find two booklets in the gatefold cover that present Bressnik's "Soul Source Records" and his "Adaptations." The result is an "unconventional, beautiful bastard of record and catalogue, of sonic and visual contents, pretty simple and yet opulent" (Uwe Bressnik). More than one hundred works (plus two "hidden tracks") are accompanied by Kalle Laar's essay about the vinyl scavenger hunt and a conversation between the artist and Georg Weckwerth about techniques and backgrounds that concentrates the image spreads and puts them in art- and music-historical contexts.