Sugar and Ice

Sugar and Ice

Edgar Honetschläger

Texts by Clarice Lispector and Edgar Honetschläger

English, 84 p., 29 x 33 cm, Hardcover


ISBN 978-3-902833-35-8

€ 38,00 [A]

€ 37,00 [D]

Edgar Honetschläger’s photo boards portray the world’s most popular ruin of modernism in a light that vaguely allows to fathom its iconic beauty. The city appears deserted - only cars move about in an infinite tropical rain. Diluted Oskar Niemeyer’s provocative pathos. The gleaming white outlines and edges of his buildings drowned in eerie blue and grey. Senses crumble under the overwhelming sky. Mist, night and rain make Brasília disperse in a Fata Morgana of an ideal city – a utopia realized in the final days of an era of unlimited possibilities – long passed.