Typopassage no. 7 / Typopassage no. 8

 Typopassage no 7
Typopassage no. 7 / Typopassage no. 8

Erwin K. Bauer (ed.)

postcard / stencil

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Typopassage no.7: »Jeden Tag frischer Topfen« [Everyday fresh farmer cheese]
In the archives of corporations with well-known brands often lie typographic treasures. Having once been a seductive appeal to buy, today the typography is associated with retro charm and the design of and with fonts.
One example is the former Alpenmilch facility in Vienna. The dairy plant, very rich in tradition, is the seat of various creative agencies today. The former inner-city production plant created countless milk products whose packages win over consumers above all because of their sometimes ironic use of text. A selection of these found objects of design will be republished as postcards in the Typopassage: for purchase from the automat are a set of postcards with stamps. An on-site mailbox in turn invites one to mail the numerous typographies directly.

Typopassage no.8: "CREATE"
In its 8th edition, Vienna’s Micro Museum with and about Lettering invites to playfully engage with typography: This time, the on-site vending machine contains stencils made of acrylic glass. Cut out elements serve as auxiliary tools for a do it yourself font design. The results of your experiments with the single details and modules – such as serifs and baselines – will be collected on the Typopassage website to be published later.

These issues of Typopassage were not published in print.