Typopassage no. 9

Typopassage no. 9

Michael Rosenlehner

Erwin K. Bauer (ed.)

German / English, 72 pages, numerous illustrations in colour and b/w, 14 x 15,4 cm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-902833-72-3

€ 9,00 [A]

€ 8,80 [D]

Communication designer Michael Rosenlehner shaped the idea for his bachelor thesis: How is typography used in magazines off the heterosexual mainstream? He started a historic research of queer magazines in Germany and the political and social surrounding. Then he continued his investigation by analysing the typography of contemporary queer magazines. What kind of typographic tools could be used to visualise the issues of the queer community? Michael Rosenlehner's answer to this question is MR. DIVERS – a typeface which for the first time is introduced to a wider public by showing its theoretical and practical history of development in Typo-Passage no. 9.