Typopassage Nr. 3

Typopassage 3
Typopassage Nr. 3


A. Machacek/S. Bohner

Ed. by Erwin K. Bauer

Germ./Engl., 80 p., numerous illustrations, 14 x 15,5 cm, softcover, in plastic bag


ISBN 978-3851601893

€ 09,00 [A]

€ 08,80 [D]

The two designers Adam Machacek and Sébastien Bohner combine influences from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the United States. Their versatile, often excessive graphic designs unite experimental typography, illustration and photography to very unconventional conceptual results, such as exhibition catalogs about rock music and the influence of the visual culture of the 1960s or a city map that seems like the plan of a subway network. In 2010 they designed the layout for the Graphic Design Biennial in Brno.