Herwig Kempinger

29,6 x 21 cm

digital print on paper


€ 200,00 [A]

Edition of 20, signed and numbered


With all the effort required to produce a single picture, the effect that Herwig Kempinger achieves is strikingly irritating. What is it? How did he do that?
The images that the artist presents, mostly on large-scale panels, seem cool and yet seductive, enigmatic, magical. They are spaces of light in which the illusionist possibilities of photography are demonstrated and subverted at the same time with the help of the camera technique, color illumination and, more recently, with digital techniques. In the new watercolors Kempinger reduces his means to brush and paint, to black and white – and remains as suggestive as ever.


Biography: Born 1957 in Steyr. Lives and works in Vienna.