Gilbert Bretterbauer

Ed: Museum Bellerive, Zürich, Eva Afuhs. Publication on the occasion of the exhibion of the same title Museum Bellerive, Zürich (12.10. 2006 -21.01.2007)

German / English, 72 pages, approx. 80 images in colour and b/w, 20 x 23 cm, Flexicover


ISBN 978-3-85160-084-1

€ 24,70 [A]

€ 24,00 [D]

With contributions by Eva Afuhs, Gilbert Bretterbauer, Hermann Czech, Patricia Grzonka, Adolf Krischanitz, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Max Wechsler
Starting points for the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue are the collections of textile objects in the Museum Bellerive Zurich and the Toms Pauli Foundation in Lausanne. The Austrian artist Glbert Bretterbauer, who has worked internationally with textile forms, techniques and objects for many years, here acts as curator. He selected exhibits from the collections and combined them with textile works by contemporary artists including Mike Kelley, Liz Larner, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler,Tal R and Michael Kienzer. The catalogue texts by the architects Hermann Czech and Adolf Krischanitz, the art historians Patricia Grzonka and Max Wechsler and the philosopher Elisabeth von Samsonow map out historical and theoretical approaches to an aesthetic of textiles in contemporary art and architecture.