Village Textures

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Village Textures

András Pálffy (Ed.)

in the series PÁLFFY EDITIONS

English, 424 pages, 23,2 x 29,5 cm, softcover, numerous illustrations in colour



€ 48,00 [A]

€ 46,70 [D]

The following departments took part in the project Village Textures in Burgenland:

Walter Angonese, Jonathan Sergison (Mendrisio), Mark Baines (Glasgow), Nicola Di Battista (Cagliari), Bettina Götz (Berlin), Ferruccio Izzo (Naples), Hermann Kaufmann (Munich), Arno Lederer (Stuttgart), Michael Loudon, Karl-Heinz Schmitz (Weimar), Wang Hui, Wang Lu, Wang Yi (Tsinghua University), Hermann Czech, Tony Fretton, Michael Hofstätter, Adrian Meyer, András Pálffy, Heinz Tesar (Vienna)

This volume documents the concepts and designs of an international study-group on the development of historical village structures in Eastern Austria (Burgenland). On seven sites the extension of 30 housing units was planned with the objective of testing counter-strategies against urban sprawl in village structures: on the one hand the courtyard house with its potential to be integrated in an ensemble, on the other hand the (inner) courtyard as an alternative to the garden’s space requirements of a detached house.

Albert Kirchengast's article about Village Textures in Neue Zürcher Zeitung (February 8, 2015):