Vom Werden und Vergehen der Bilder

Lissel_Werden und Vergehen
Vom Werden und Vergehen der Bilder

Edgar Lissel

With contributions by Martin Hochleitner, Inge Nevole, Hubertus von Amelunxen and Claudia Weinzierl

Germ., 108 p., 22,5 x 27,5 cm, numerous color and b&w images, hardcover


ISBN 978-3-85160-139-8

€ 28,00 [A]

€ 27,20 [D]

Edgar Lissel's photographic works are created slowly and are the product of complicated interconnected handicraft skills. The use of whole rooms as a camera obscura leads to irritating relationships of space and image, to a complex intertwining of reality and projection. With great consistency and pleasure in the scientific experiment, Lissel's projects take place on the borderline between history and science, leading to archaeological results..