Yx - Fluid Taxonomies

Yx - Fluid Taxonomies

Enlitened Elevation - Voided Dimensions - Human Derivatives- Vibrations in Hyperreal Econociety

Gerald Nestler

with contributions by Dieter Buchhart, Thomas Feuerstein, Anita Gantner, Wolfgang Höchtl, Li Zhenhua, Gabriele Michalitsch, Monika Mokre, Oskar Negt, Doris Rothauer, Julie Ryan, Leslie Sklair, Otto Steiger, Beat Weber

German/English, 240 p., 120 colour-illustrations and 20 b/w ill., 16,5 x 23 cm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-85160-110-7

€ 24,00 [A]

€ 23,30 [D]

This publication aims at discussing different aspects of “econociety,” as Gerald Nestler calls it—a more and more global economy that is shaping our world today, particularly with respect to the roles and significance of the individual and of societies. Methods from art as well as the sciences are applied and brought together to analyse, debate, and elaborate on the topics of the individual, society, economy, technology, art, and some of their respective relations.

The publication is a collection of the artworks, projects and texts by Gerald Nestler from 1999–2007 as well as a reader: the essays do not accompany the artworks and projects as such; they independently deal with and contextualize the econociety and its impact on people and societies as a field of art, research, and debate.