Lumen Zine issue 8: Inka & Niclas Lindergård

Lumen Zine issue 8: Inka & Niclas Lindergård

Magazine of the Star Passage / MQ Wien

edited by Sabine Jelinek

texts by Inka & Niclas Lindergård, Christian Köberl

German / English, 24 pages, 13 × 18 cm, numerous color illustrations, staple binding

October 2022


€ 8,00 [A]

€ 7,80 [D]

The materiality of photography is crucial in Inka and Niclas Lindergård’s work, which speaks to the contemporary perception processes of nature and the connection of the photographic medium with the stylization of landscape. The bright utopian landscapes in their works address the spectators’ experience, making them notice not only the allure but also the culture of landscape imagery – an open portal to the hyperrealistiv syntesis of beauty, kitsch, and visual desire in the language of photography.
Throughout their work, the artists have investigated our contemporary perception of nature through the photographic medium. Our notion of desirable scenery worldwide has been shaped not only by the relative ease with which we can now travel to spellbinding locations but also by our consumption of nature via technology. It is through the camera lenses and the digital screens that we experience nature and confirm our own existence. (Inka & Niclas Lindergård)

In its capacity as a micromuseum, MuseumQuartier Vienna’s Sternenpassage highlights artists whose work broadly relates to photography. Artists are commissioned to create pieces specially for the passage. Each resulting series is presented across four illuminated circular display cases mounted on the walls, and accompanied by astrophotography. Lumen Zine is a miniature catalogue supplementing exhibitions at Sternenpassage.